Utility Company Incentives & Rebates 

LED Lighting Energy Efficiency Rebates

Every California utility company offers a variety of rebates and other incentives to support energy efficiency projects.  Upgrading to LED lighting is the leading energy efficiency measure adopted by commercial and industrial customers.  Retrofitting to LED lighting qualifies for utility incentive funding.  These funds are available on a first come-first served basis until they are depleted.  You can find more information about the incentive programs on the utility company website.

Energy Rebate Application Process

A customer applies for energy credit incentive (rebate) prior to an LED lighting retrofit installation. An energy savings calculator (usually a spreadsheet analysis) is used to estimate the energy savings and resulting energy rebate based on the initial 12-month installation period of the LED lighting. The energy savings calculator may be provided by the local utility, an energy certification partner, or by the customer. Measurements included must be consistent with the program guidelines.  Jovi Electric personnel are trained and certified to process utility company rebate applications.